Senate President Saraki

[VIDEO] Senate President Saraki questions Democracy under Buhari

Senate President Saraki
The senate president has expressed his disappointment over the continued abuse of power and misconduct in the present Buhari led Administration.
He cried out during senate plenary,referencing the event in Kaduna and Kogi.
“This cannot be the democracy we all worked hard to build,we have to stop this”,he said.
Nigeria is a respected nation in the committee of nations and as such should show decent examples.
He recalled that most of the senators where one time governor and emphasised there was no time in the past that Nigerians has witnessed such high level of abuse of power.
Worried about the recent trend of sending senators into exile,he urged his fellow senators to stop keeping quiet.
On Kogi State,he insisted that it time to act urgently as Kogi State and its Governor has become a threat to our democracy.

Other Senators,including,Ogembe,Abaribe,Akpabio Ekweremadu and Na Allah spoke earlier condemning the ugly incidient.
On Kaduna state,he failed to understand how a state governor could demolish a house belonging to a senator of the federal republic just because they are political opponents,in this present day and age.

[VIDEO] Senate President Saraki questions Democracy under Buhari

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