[VIDEO] Trump protesters re-constructs & destroys 'Berlin Wall' in Berlin

[VIDEO] Trump protesters re-constructs & destroys ‘Berlin Wall’ in Berlin

US expats gathered at the Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate on Friday “rebuild” the Berlin Wall and protest US presidential candidate Donald Trump’s own proposed wall-building.

Protesters built a miniature, replica ‘Berlin Wall’ at the Brandenburg Gate, where the wall once divided the city into East and West during Cold War times.

Organized by the international activist organisation Avaaz, the protest sought to denounce Trump, but also to show the estimated 8.7 million Americans abroad the importance of voting in the November election
Organizers explained that their wall was meant to symbolize US presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the US border with Mexico to stop illegal immigration.

“We are uniting Americans and Berliners to tear down Trump’s wall of hate,” event organizer Meredith Alexander, an American expat in London, told The Local.

She also said the protest’s aim was to get Americans living abroad to vote, calling expats the “the secret swing state”.

Alexander pointed out that Americans abroad tend to be much more progressive, an observation that was confirmed by expat voters in Germany during the primaries when they opted for Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton.

Only 12 percent of Americans abroad voted in the 2012 elections, according to Avaaz, and that is why Alexander said her group wants to get people to register, urging voters to use Avaaz’s new form.

About 200 people gathered to watch as the protesters started to knock down the replica wall, imitating the way Berliners came to the Brandenburg Gate to chisel away t actual wall in 1989.

[VIDEO] Trump protesters re-constructs & destroys ‘Berlin Wall’ in Berlin


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