Amber Rose getting NASTY in the pool

[NEW VIDEO] Amber Rose getting NASTY in the pool

Amber Rose was making waves of a different kind on Thursday as she shared a video of her twerking on the surface of a pool.
The clip, posted to her Instagram account, shows the model generating her own mini wave pool powered solely by her considerable posterior.

Wearing black bikini bottoms and a sleeveless white tee, Rose seemed to be in a world of her own as she danced seductively for nobody but herself… and whatever onlookers happen to have taken notice.
She continues to bump and grind to herself until a passing guest carrying towels decides it is an opportunity he cannot miss and reverses his own rear to park right in front of her, helping himself to some of the former stripper’s grinding action.


[NEW VIDEO] Amber Rose getting NASTY in the pool

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