Boko Haram Takes Over 16 Communities In Kaduna

[TERRORISM] Boko Haram Takes Over 16 Communities In Kaduna

Terrorists under the pretence of Fulani militia have taken over 16 Atakad villages of Kaura local government in Kaduna State.

The national president of Atakad Community Development Association (ACDA), Mr. Ishaya Kunden, who disclosed this yesterday, also revealed the killing of 180 natives with 10,000 forced to become refugees in two years.

The community raised the alarm during the burial ceremony of the assassinated district head of Zangang in Atakad Chiefdom, Mr Yohanna Daniel Shinkut, who was shot dead in his car near his home around 8pm last Saturday by suspected Fulani gunmen.

LEADERSHIP learnt Atakad is located on the lush-green hills and valleys of the lengthy Kagoro range of highlands in Kaura local government area of Kaduna State. It is about 250km South of Kaduna metropolis.

Speaking to newsmen after the burial ceremony of the late district head, Kunden said that the world is not interested in their plight, even when, according to him, they form part of the most traumatised of human society.

He said “since these invasions and killings of our people started on the 24th March, 2013, we have lost 16 villages to Fulani invaders. At the last count, 180 people have been killed. Right now, Fulani men are fully settled with their cattle and families in Mayit, Agwom, Zakai Gira, Tunga Magwot, Telak, Zakum and Kirim. Go there and see them. Their cattle are grazing on everything we left behind.

“The world has forgotten about us, as if we are not human beings. As if we not part of the most injured in human society. 10,000 Atakad are now homeless and are wandering from relations to churches and anywhere they can get assistance.

“The state government has done very little to help. Only the Churches and some non governmental organisations are coming in with relieve materials to victims still hanging around. All our children are out of schools. Men cannot go back to their farms. It is horrible. All we are asking for is more soldiers and a few things to defend ourselves. We can return if we get that assistance”, he said.

The overall chief of Atakad Chiefdom, Chief Tobias Nkom Wada, in his remarks at the Baptist Church Manchok, venue of the burial service said: “The people of Southern Kaduna must be united to fight this dangerous trend.

They want to take over our hills and use it as a launch pad to invade the entire Southern Kaduna. That is why they are killing our people in Sanga and chasing them from the hills. Southern Kaduna people and those governing us cannot afford to see these series of murder of innocent people going on. I call on our brothers in Ganawuri, who the Fulani are accommodating in their lands to see reasons to negotiate both with us and the Fulani”, he said.

The burial was attended by prominent traditional rulers from Southern Kaduna, the clergy and a broad segment of Atakad and Maroa communities amidst heavy security mounted by the Nigeria police and the military.

Residents also said there was an attempt on Monday night by Fulani militia to dislodge the military stationed on the border of Plateau State and Kaduna State, from where the invaders usually sneak into Kaduna State.

“There was exchange of gunfire between our men and some marauders from Ganawuri, Plateau State’s border with us that lasted till this morning. We repelled them, and there was no casualty from any side. Had they succeeded, this burial ceremony may not have been possible”, the source said.

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