Asylum seekers in Sweden rejects new home in tiny town

[IMMIGRATION] Asylum seekers in Sweden rejects new home in tiny town

Several dozen people seeking asylum in Sweden refused to leave their bus when they found out that they would be living in a tiny town. They demanded to be brought back to a big city, and police refused to evict them from the vehicle.

The incident happened in Grytan, a småort in central Sweden. The term refers to a small rural community of 50 to 199 residents where houses are built close enough to each other. Grytan, located not far from the city of Östersund, has a housing center for those waiting for their application for asylum to be considered by the authorities.

The center was the destination of some 40 people, who arrived in the village on Wednesday, but when they saw it they were not happy at all, reports The Local.

“I am 75 years old and come from the Middle East. Then I get sent to a place that looks like this,” a man from Syria told to the local Östersunds-Posten daily, pointing to the icy road. “It is dangerous for me to be here.”

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